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e-Commerce Solutions, Application Integration, Intranet Design / Extranet Design,
Database System Integration, Cross Reference, Parametric Search

e-Commerce Solutions B2B e-Commerce Solutions

E-commerce can provide an addition to your existing sales channels or can be your primary method of sales. Either way, the benefits are substantial. Conducting business electronically improves the way business is undertaken: with customers, other businesses and government. The level of integration for which you wish to conduct your business online is entirely up to your business needs. Businesses can use email as a rapid and reliable way to communicate with suppliers or to receive and respond to customer queries. For example, customers can send an email requesting a quote for a particular product. Having an E-commerce solution can improve operations through greater use of electronic bookkeeping and records management. Companies are able to receive goods and services faster and more effectively; potentially reducing the need for warehouse storage.

We can custom build B2B E-commerce solutions to take your business on-line with scalable and tightly integrated solution modules. These maximize new technologies while leveraging your legacy IT infrastructure to bring your business new efficiencies. We can customize solutions for your business in catalog and content management, interactive shopping carts, secure ordering capabilities, transaction processing and fulfillment, payment authorization, customer management databases, and reporting.

At, Inc., we build custom E-commerce solutions tailored to your needs.

Application Integration Software Development Application Integration

Application integration enables different applications to transfer and use each other's data and functionality. The logic behind the application is also shared, creating a seamless interface available to customers and other applications. Application integration reduces redundant work and sources of errors. This simplifies the transactions taken place between a corporation's customers, suppliers, and partners.

We have experience in integrating front-end e-commerce sites with back-end ERP systems utilizing technologies such as COM/DCOM, ODBC/JDBC and XML. We can also facilitate business-to-business process integration chains through XML and EDI. Utilizing a variety of technologies, we develop systems that enable secure, reliable and real-time exchange of information and transactions over the Internet. Whether your legacy systems are Microsoft, Java or proprietary based on desktop, mini-computer or mainframe platforms, we can design solutions to integrate your enterprise applications.

At, Inc., we can integrate between applications to seamlessly make them work together.

Intranet Design Extranet Design Intranet Design / Extranet Design

Intranet Design

Intranet design is basically creating a private version of the Internet that is localized to a corporation. Intranet design allows for a more secure environment than the public Internet and exists for the sole purpose of serving the corporation's internal needs. A proper Intranet design can be used effectively for internal scheduling, reporting, querying, managing, and researching. Intranet design also incorporates provide quick Information access and optimized process transactions. Another benefit of professional Intranet design is the ability to have a user-friendly web-based front end to your legacy applications.

Tremendous opportunities exist to create strong channels of communications and collaboration between management, sales teams, manufacturing workers, support groups, and other internal divisions through corporate Intranets. Mectronic understands your industry and the complex relationships and requirements necessary for the success of your business. We can create Intranets with information, applications, databases and integration to existing systems that optimize interactions between groups within your corporate family.

Extranet Design

An Extranet is an extension of an Intranet spanned across a company's customers, suppliers, and partners. An Extranet also link communities of interest to a corporate Intranet over a shared infrastructure using dedicated connections. Businesses enjoy the same policies as a private network between internal and external resources. It narrows the communication and information-sharing gap between a corporation and its stakeholders.
Extranets are often implemented to accommodate the ordering process from close customers or to allow the sharing of a knowledge-base. An Extranet is not just beneficial for the primary party, but also for the third party .

Great opportunities exist to create strong channels of communications and collaboration with employees, suppliers, distributors, representatives, key customers and partners through corporate Extranets. Mectronic understands your industry and the complex relationships and requirements necessary for the success of your business. We can create Extranets with information, applications, databases and integration to existing systems that optimize interactions between groups within your extended corporate family.

At, Inc., we design Intranet and Extranet systems that are efficient and reliable.

Database System Integration Database System Integration

With the explosive growth of the Internet, the need for massive amounts of data to be stored has grown dramatically. Databases enable data to be filtered, queried, ranked, searched, and classified. Only Database Systems can allow for these functions to be performed efficiently, with integrity and security in mind. Your website will provide greatly added value to the intended audience, whether they are your customers or your employees/partners. Thus, Database Systems have seen significantly increases for Internet-based applications.

Mectronic can help you build and manage complex Database Systems and database-driven applications for use in Internet, Intranet, Extranet, Client/Server, Desktop and Wireless environments. Security can be based on varying access-levels. We have the technical expertise to integrate with a variety of databases and ERP systems on multiple platforms. This includes large-scale, distributed databases on SQL Server or Oracle and ERP system integration with SAP and Peoplesoft. We can also provide user-friendly, web-enabled application solutions with other popular databases such as Informix, Sybase, and IBM's DB2.

At, Inc., we develop/manage fast and secure Database Systems to make your information management tasks more efficient, while adding value to your existing website.

Many companies try to build market share by taking away sales from competitors. In an economy that isn't growing, taking business from competition is the only way to survive. This can be done on a 24/7 basis with the help of our Competitor's Cross Reference application on your website. Click here to view brochure with detailed information.

Features and Benefits of Competitor's Cross Reference:
- Pop-up list of equivalent product manufacturers you can cross from
- Only cross from your competitions' part to yours, not from yours to theirs
- Pop-up comments field to highlight any detailed differences in crossed items
- Link to datasheets for your parts to review specification details
- Sample request form built in
- Request For Quote (RFQ) form built in
- Link directly into Distributor or Factory Inventory Stock Check program
- Can be hosted or licensed, standard or customized

Competitors' Cross References provides something beyond the common "product series to product series" cross references on many websites. It is not a table or list you have to download and look at either. This program allows the user to enter a competitor's part number and get results listing your parts that are equivalent, item-to-item. If they are not exact equivalents, a comment field can explain the variables. Datasheets can be linked to your parts so that detailed specifications, schematics, graphs, or photos can be referenced on-line. The user can check boxes to add items to a Sample Request or RFQ form. It links to our Inventory Search programs, to check for stock availability. A customer can easily go from your competitor's part number to taking buying action to get your equivalent part in a matter of seconds. It is great for engineers or buyers looking for "or Equal" parts on their bill of materials. Your customer service, sales representatives and distributors can also use it to cross parts and check stock all at once.

Does your website force engineers and specifiers to search for what they want by your products' series letters and numbers? Would anyone outside your company even know them? One solution is to give engineers a chance to search for parts by common and logical classifications, by specifications, by product attributes. In other words, by the way they think. has a simple yet powerful way to help you with our Dynamic Parametric Search Solutions.

Features and Benefits of Dynamic Parametric Search Online Solutions:
- Multiple Drop boxes with selections based on any product attributes
- Dynamic - a logic tree that narrows choices based on previous selected attributes
- Can narrow down to a specific part number, depending on your data
- Link to datasheets to review detailed specifications, schematics, graphs, photos, etc
- Pop-up reference volume pricing matrix
- Sample request capabilities and form built in
- RFQ capability and form to go to factory
- Link directly into Distributor and/or Factory Inventory Stock Check program
- Can be hosted or licensed, standard or customized

Dynamic Parametric Parts Search Solutions provides something beyond the often meaningless and frustrating product series drill down found on many websites. Let's face it, people don't know and don't really care about your arbitrary series numbers. They have parts with specific attributes they are trying to find. They're looking for product types, characteristics, dimensions, features, packaging, electrical specs. This program allows the user to select attributes that have real parts behind them. It is a dynamic process, so depending on what you choose first, it narrows future choices to parts that fit all the previously selected attributes.
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