National Precision Bearing Crosses to NHBB

Equivalents and stock available at National Precision Bearing

National Precision Bearing p/n NHBB Part Number
M81935/1-03 ADNE3J
M81935/1-04 ADNE4J
M81935/1-05 ADNE5J
M81935/1-06 ADNE6J
M81935/1-07 ADNE7J
M81935/1-08 ADNE8J
M81935/1-10 ADNE10J
M81935/1-12 ADNE12J
M81935/1-14 ADNE14J
M81935/1-16 ADNE16J
M81935/2-03 ADN3J
M81935/2-04 ADN4J
M81935/2-05 ADN5J
M81935/2-06 ADN6J
M81935/2-07 ADN7J
M81935/2-08 ADN8J
M81935/2-10 ADN10J
M81935/2-12 ADN12J
M81935/2-14 ADN14J
M81935/2-16 ADN16J
M81935/5-03 ADN3-345
M81935/5-04 ADN4-345
M81935/5-05 ADN5-345
M81935/5-06 ADN6-345
M81935/5-07 ADN7-345
M81935/5-08 ADN8-345
M81935/5-10 ADN10-345
M81935/5-12 ADN12-345
M81935/5-14 ADN14-345
M81935/5-16 ADN16-345
M81935/4-03 ADNE3-382
M81935/4-04 ADNE4-382
M81935/4-05 ADNE5-382
M81935/4-06 ADNE6-382
M81935/4-07 ADNE7-382
M81935/4-08 ADNE8-382
M81935/4-10 ADNE10-382
M81935/4-12 ADNE12-382
M81935/4-14 ADNE14-382
M81935/4-16 ADNE16-382