National Precision Bearing Crosses to RBC

Equivalents and stock available at National Precision Bearing

National Precision Bearing p/n RBC Part Number
MS27640-3A KP3L FS464
MS27640-3 KP3 FS464
MS27640-4 KP4 FS464
MS27640-5 KP5 FS464
MS27640-6 KP6 FS464
MS27640-8 KP8 FS464
MS27640-10 KP10 FS464
MS27641-3 KP3A FS464
MS27641-4 KP4A FS464
MS27641-5 KP5A FS464
MS27641-6 KP6A FS464
MS27641-8 KP8A FS464
MS27641-10 KP10A FS464
MS27641-12 KP12A FS464
MS27641-16 KP16A FS464
MS27641-20 KP20A FS464
MS27645-3A KSP3L FS464
MS27645-4A KSP4A FS464
MS27645-5A KSP5A FS464
MS27645-6A KSP6A FS464
MS27645-3 KSP3 FS464
MS27645-4 KSP4 FS464
MS27645-5 KSP5 FS464
MS27645-6 KSP6 FS464
MS27645-8 KSP8 FS464
MS27645-10 KSP10 FS464
MS27646-38 B538DD FS464
MS27646-39 B539DD FS464
MS27646-40 B540DD FS464
MS27646-41 B541DD FS464
MS27646-42 B542DD FS464
MS27646-43 B543DD FS464
MS27646-44 B544DD FS464
MS27646-45 B545DD FS464
MS27646-46 B546DD FS464
MS21428-38 MB538DD FS464
MS21428-39 MB539DD FS464
MS21428-40 MB540DD FS464
MS21428-41 MB541DD FS464
MS21428-42 MB542DD FS464
MS21428-43 MB543DD FS464
MS21428-44 MB544DD FS464
MS21428-45 MB545DD FS464
MS21428-46 MB546DD FS464