National Precision Bearing Crosses to Torrington

Equivalents and stock available at National Precision Bearing

National Precision Bearing p/n Torrington Part Number
GE12E 12FS22
GE15ES 15FS26
GE17ES 17FS30
GE20ES 20FS35
GE25ES 25FS42
GE30ES 30FS47
GE35ES 35FS55
GE40ES 40FS62
GE45ES 45FS68
GE50ES 50FS75
GE60ES 60FS75
GE70ES 70FS105
GE80ES 80FS120
GE90ES 90FS130
GE100ES 100FS150
GE110ES 110FS160
GE120ES 120FS180
GE140ES 140FS210
GE160ES 160FS230
GE180ES 180FS260
GE200ES 200FS290
GE220ES 220FS320
GE240ES 240FS340
GE260ES 260FS370
GE280ES 280FS400
GE300ES 300FS430
GE15ES-2RS 15S26-TT
GE17ES-2RS 17FS30-TT
GE20ES-2RS 20FS35-TT
GE25ES-2RS 25FS42-TT
GE30ES-2RS 30FS47-TT
GE35ES-2RS 35FS55-TT
GE40ES-2RS 40FS62-TT
GE45ES-2RS 45FS68-TT
GE50ES-2RS 50FS75-TT
GE60ES-2RS 60FS90-TT
GE70ES-2RS 70FS105-SS
GE80ES-2RS 80FS120-SS
GE90ES-2RS 90FS130-SS
GE100ES-2RS 100FS150-SS
GE110ES-2RS 110FS160-SS
GE120ES-2RS 120FS180-SS
GE140ES-2RS 140FS210-SS
GE160ES-2RS 160FS230-SS
GE180ES-2RS 180FS260-SS
GE200ES-2RS 200FS290-SS
GE220ES-2RS 220FS320-SS
GE240ES-2RS 240FS340-SS
GE260ES-2RS 260FS370-SS
GE280ES-2RS 280FS400-SS
GE300ES-2RS 300FS430-SS